Location: Citi, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Date: 02/05/2017

Time: 8:30am - 10:00am

FAIRR presents Factory Farming Risks and the Investment Case for Action – Sydney, Australia

The FAIRR Initiative is very pleased to announce that we will be hosting an investor breakfast briefing on the ESG risks arising from investment in factory farming in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 2 May 2017.


FAIRR believes that a worrying knowledge gap has emerged among investors in relation to the material investment risks and opportunities connected with intensive livestock production and in particular, the routine use of antibiotics.

FAIRR aims to close that gap, ensuring that investors understand the risks and opportunities to emerge from this growing method of livestock production, and to support investors to assess these issues as part of their investment processes.

The briefings will be a forum for investors to learn more about the material risks associated with these issues.


Alan Briefel, Executive Director at the FAIRR Initiative will discuss:

  • the investment risks and opportunities linked to livestock production
  • the preliminary findings of FAIRR’s recent research on livestock production in AsiaPac
  • recent engagement initiatives on antibiotics and sustainable protein

Elaine Prior, Managing Director and ESG Analyst at Citi, will discuss her recent reports entitled:

  • “Food-Animals, Antibiotics & Resistance Risk: Investors as Actors / Focus on the Australian Context / Potential Scrutiny on Poultry & Pork Producers”
  • “Chicken Producers, Antibiotics & Resistance: Deep Dive into Ingham’s and Tegel’s Approach”.


The event will be followed by a PRI briefing on the latest trends in collaborative engagement around the world and a review of how activity by Australian and New Zealand signatories compares with that of other markets.

Guests may attend one or both of the FAIRR and PRI briefings.


A full agenda and RSVP for both events is available on the PRI website.