Investor Engagements

As an investor network, the FAIRR Initiative aims to facilitate collaborative investor engagements with companies on key issues surrounding factory farming.

We run workstreams of engagement on a range of important issues, including the routine use of antibiotics in agricultural supply chains, protein diversity, close confinement of farm animals, and land rights.

Through shareholder resolutions, joint letters and briefings, FAIRR will assist investor members in driving forward constructive engagement with companies and moving them to improve their practices and protect returns.


Current engagements:

Routine use of antibiotics in the livestock supply chain

FAIRR, in partnership with ICCR, has brought together a coalition of more than 70 institutional investors worth $2.5 trillion to ask companies to take action on the systemic overuse of antibiotics. Targeting ten of the largest US and UK restaurant chains including McDonald’s, Domino’ Pizza Group and Yum! Brands, the coalition is calling for an end to the routine, non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in their supply chains.

Sustainable protein supply chains

Currently supported by more than 50 investors with $2.3 trillion combined AUM, our sustainable protein engagement highlights the risks and opportunities posed by growing global protein demands and current reliance on industrially produced animal proteins. Targeting 16 major food multinationals and backed by a briefing, The Future of Food: The Investment Case for a Protein Shake-Up, the engagement is asking the companies to future-proof their supply chains by diversifying protein sources.

To date, FAIRR’s engagements have been covered by international media, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, CNBC and Forbes. Both engagements are ongoing and updates will be announced in due course.

Please contact to find out more about our engagement work.