Member-only supplement to Plant-Based Profits

If you would like further information on the 16 companies in FAIRR’s sustainable protein engagement, you can become an investor member of FAIRR to access our individual company analysis supplement.

You will receive an email containing the report link within 48 hours of joining the network.

The analysis includes:

  • Details of individual companies’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Insights from company meetings
  • Full company responses to our engagement.

Individual company analysis: outline

Strategy Does the company have goals to shift to diversified protein sources?
Does the company have a target to reduce supply chain emissions, including agricultural emissions?
Innovation and product development Does the company dedicate internal R&D to new product development?
Does the company participate in cross-sectoral collaborations on protein diversification?
Does the company seek to reformulate existing product ranges to substitute animal derived ingredients where possible?
Product offers Is the company proactively seeking to offer innovative external alternative products to increase its alternative protein portfolio?
Does the company market at least one range of own-brand, alternative protein products?
Consumer engagement Does the company engage with consumers and stakeholders to discuss the benefits of alternative proteins, and is this part of a dedicated marketing and promotion strategy?
Tracking and reporting Does the company track data on percentage of animal proteins sourced for its food products?
Does the company report on protein sales and/or sourcing data externally?
Engagement with investors Has the company engaged with the investor coalition?