FAIRR report launch: Shallow returns? ESG risks and opportunities in aquaculture

Aquaculture, or fish farming, has recently overtaken wild fishing as the predominant method of seafood production worldwide. Yet little is understood about the emerging ESG risks associated with this growth.

FAIRR’s new research analyses the issues set to shape the future of this fast-growing industry and assesses innovations that aim to alleviate the sustainability pressures it faces – including disease outbreaks, marine pollution and its reliance on diminishing fish stocks.

Join us to launch our new report, ‘Shallow returns? ESG risks and opportunities in aquaculture’ to find out more.


Please note this event is for an institutional investor audience.

8:30Breakfast and networking


9:00Maria Lettini, Director, FAIRR Initiative

Welcome address

9:05Faazi Adam, Research Manager and Aarti Ramachandran, Head of Research and Engagements, FAIRR Initiative

Our research has found 10 ESG issues that are especially material to the aquaculture sector. Here we present our key findings on how various sustainability issues could shape the sector’s growth.

  • Diminishing feed supply, pollution management and disease
  • How climate change exacerbates ESG risks in aquaculture
  • Welfare: an emerging issue
9:30Fran van Dijk, Board Member, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Aarti Ramanchandran, Head of Research and Engagements, FAIRR Initiative

Fireside chat: Regulator view on the aquaculture sector