REPORT LAUNCH & WEBINAR: An Industry Infected

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a real-time case study, highlighting the vulnerability of animal production systems and their capacity to handle external shocks. This pandemic also serves as a warning of the role that intensive animal production systems can play in increasing zoonotic disease risk.

This webinar recording discusses:

  • The role that intensive animal agriculture plays in increasing zoonotic disease risk.
  • The vulnerability of the sector to global shocks.
  • What investors and companies can do to mitigate these risks.

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14:00 Welcome
Jeremy Coller, Chief Investment Officer, Coller Capital, & Founder, FAIRR Initiative
14:10FAIRR Research:  An Industry Infected – Key Take-Aways
Elliot Teperman, ESG Analyst, FAIRR Initiative
14:20Biosecurity – The Critical Component
Lance Price, Director, Antibiotic Resistance Action Center
Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University
14:30   Evaluating the link between animal agriculture and the current pandemic
How can the investment community ensure sufficient biosecurity measures are in place to prevent the next crisis?
ModeratorLydia Harvey, Senior Advisor, FAIRR Initiative
SpeakersPeter van der Werf, Director, Active Ownership, Robeco
Tracey Rembert, Director, Responsible Investments, CBIS
14:50 Q&A
15:00Closing Remarks
Maria Lettini, Executive Director, FAIRR Initiative