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Food companies

Is your company part of the FAIRR Index?

We invite Index companies to get in touch with the FAIRR team for their individual assessments. We are happy to make any corrections in case of errors or omissions in the assessment if companies provide publicly available evidence of disclosure on specific indicators. Please note that we cannot change the assessment if this information was not in the public domain prior to 31 March 2018. Any corrections to scoring will be updated on on a quarterly basis.

A Live Index

We also invite companies to submit updates to their policies and programmes published after 31 March 2018. We endeavour to update the assessment quarterly, so investors will have access to information that is current. If you would like to request the individual assessment for your company or submit updates, please contact [email protected].

Is your company part of the animal protein value chain?

The factors assessed in the Index are material to companies throughout the protein supply chain. We welcome discussion with other food companies that have an interest in these issues. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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This report provides investors with insights to the risks associated with the intensive livestock farming industry, and assess companies engaged in livestock farming
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