FAIRR believes that intensive livestock production poses material risks to the global financial system and hinders sustainable development. Our mission is to build a global network of investors who are focused and engaged on the risks and opportunities linked to intensive livestock production.

Established by the Jeremy Coller Foundation, the FAIRR Initiative is a collaborative investor network that raises awareness of the material ESG risks and opportunities caused by intensive livestock production.

FAIRR helps investors to identify and prioritise these factors through cutting-edge research that investors can then integrate into their investment decision-making and active stewardship processes. FAIRR also runs collaborative investor engagements with global food companies to improve performance on selected ESG issues in intensive livestock production.




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We work with investors to:


  • Build a global network of investors who are focused and engaged on the risks linked to intensive livestock production. By expanding FAIRR’s global network, we give weight and breadth to FAIRR’s issues.


  • Be the leading knowledge hub that educates the capital markets on the 28 identified ESG risks associated with intensive livestock production.


  • Coordinate best-in-class investor engagements that result in tangible improvements to corporate practices.
  • Engage investors, companies, and other stakeholders in proactive dialogues around FAIRR’s key issues.