Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) is an investor initiative that aims to put factory farming on the ESG agenda.

Established by Jeremy Coller, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Coller Capital, FAIRR and its founding members believe that a worrying knowledge gap has emerged among investors in relation to the material investment risks and opportunities connected with intensive livestock farming and poor animal welfare standards.

The FAIRR Initiative aims to close that knowledge gap, ensuring that investors understand the risks and opportunities to emerge from this growing method of livestock production, and to support investors to assess these issues as part of their investment processes.

Issues associated with factory farming present an iceberg of risks to investors. Above the surface, scandals such as swine flu, avian flu and horsemeat have shown how poor animal welfare and industrial production methods can lead to value destruction. But more than this, FAIRR believes that under the surface there is a wide range of risks, all linking back to this method of livestock production, which could damage long-term performance for investors.

Visit our Resources page for materials highlighting investment risks and opportunities connected with factory farming.