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Our Story & Vision

From the start to the future of rebuilding the agricultural industry

Why FAIRR was created

Gap in the market

While the ESG market had grown extensively, there was still a major gap in the market as the agricultural sector was overlooked. In 2016, FAIRR was established to fill this gap to ensure investors are better equipped to understand the ESG risks and opportunities in the food sector, with a strong focus on the most interconnected issues associated with intensive animal production.


What is our mission

Our mission is to build an awareness of the most material risks and opportunities in the food sector across the whole investor community. We provide investors with the data, research and tools they need to minimise the risks within the broader food system at every touchpoint. By filling the knowledge gap around ESG issues in animal agriculture, FAIRR empowers investors to engage as shareholders with companies in the global food supply chain – from protein producers to global retailers – on ESG risks ranging from climate, pollution and labour issues to antimicrobial resistance In doing so, we aim to harness the power of capital markets to build a more sustainable and equitable food system.

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What is in the pipeline

Each year, the FAIRR Initiative collates feedback from our investor members with a view to refining and developing our work to better meet the needs of its members. After compiling feedback, we are left with a wealth of information that is used to inform our strategy for the next fiscal year.

Some new key projects and focus areas for the year ahead include:

  • Expanding the FAIRR company universe

  • Refining our offer to increase its relevance across asset classes

  • Broadening FAIRR’s biodiversity workstream

  • Co-launching the Seafood Investor Engagement Group (SIEG) In collaboration with UNEP FI’s Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative, Planet Tracker, the World Wildlife Fund US, and The World Benchmarking Alliance.