Dechra Pharmaceuticals

LSE:DPH GB0009633180
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United Kingdom
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Europe & Russia, North America

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Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC develops, manufactures, regulates, markets, and sells veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products for veterinarians. The company offers various companion animal veterinary products, as well as water-soluble antibiotics, poultry vaccines, and pain management for poultry, pigs, and cattle. It markets its products through wholesaler and distributor networks, as well as through an in-house team of sales representatives, of which many are qualified veterinarians. In January 2024, the company was delisted from the London Stock Exchange and officially taken private.
Icon-Warning Dechra Pharmaceuticals was assessed in 2022/2023 and in 2023/2024. In January 2024, the company was delisted from the London Stock Exchange.

Animal Pharmaceuticals Engagement

Analysis Breakdown

Revenue, Sales and Marketing Practices

Strategy, risk and reporting on antibiotics
Applying a consistent sales and marketing approach in line with best practice operating market

Manufacturing and Production

Demonstrating effective management of antibiotic residues in manufacturing and production

Research and Development

Defining alternatives to antibiotics
Increasing availability and use of alternatives to antibiotics

Stewardship and Lobbying

Stewardship initiatives
Lobbying and political expenditure

Company Engagement

Level of company engagement with FAIRR and investor signatories

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22 May 2024
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