50BY40 Global Engagement Summit

The FAIRR Initiative is pleased to be taking part in the 50by40 Global Engagement Summit and to contribute to the Financial Shifts Panel Discussion.

As highlighted by COVID-19, the need for change in worldwide food production funding is long overdue. ESG Analyst, Kezia St Clere Smithe, will be joining this lively discussion seeking to establish a common understanding of the landscape of financial flows in the global food system. This panel will cover different topics including:

  • The lessons learned from The World Banks’s divestment from fossil fuels
  • Engaging private investors towards sustainable protein supply chains
  • Mobilizing on the frontlines. The effects of industrialized livestock systems on indigenous communities
  • The job-creation potential and co-benefits of shifting to more plant-based diets and production in Latin-America and the Carribean

To learn more and register for this event, please visit the 50by40’s website.

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