Lunch & Learn: An Industry Infected — Australia Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a real-time case study, highlighting the vulnerability of animal production systems and their capacity to handle external shocks. This pandemic also serves as a warning of the role that intensive animal production systems can play in increasing zoonotic disease risk.

The webinar will consist of a short presentation on the report findings, followed by an Australian investor panel to explore the challenges associated with this unprecedented global crisis.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The role that intensive animal agriculture plays in increasing zoonotic disease risk.
  • The vulnerability of the sector to global shocks.
  • What investors and companies can do to mitigate these risks.


To access the full report, click here.

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12:00 FAIRR Research:  An Industry Infected – Key Take-Aways
Elliot Teperman, ESG Analyst, FAIRR Initiative
12:15   How can the investment community respond to this crisis and prevent the next one?
ModeratorLydia Harvey, Senior Advisor, FAIRR Initiative
SpeakersAmanda Richman, Ethics Analyst, Australian Ethical Investment
Saskia Kort-Chick, VP – Director ESG Research & Engagement, ‎AllianceBernstein