Novel Solutions: Scaling Novel Ingredients into Everyday Production

This panel is part of Blue Food Innovation Summit, a summit which aims to put blue food, sustainable aquaculture, and restorative ocean practices at the heart of the global conversation.

This panel will address the following questions:

  • Which novel ingredients are the most viable options to integrate into aquafeed, to strengthen supply and boost the nutritional profile of traditional feeds?
  • How can farmers and producers utilise novel ingredients to add nutritional value instead of replacing traditional feeds?
  • What key challenges are there to scaling novel ingredients and what innovations are addressing these obstacles?
  • As scale remains the objective for novel ingredients, what innovation and investments have there been in algal, black soldier fly, and bacterial ingredients?
  • What are consumer opinions of novel ingredients, and how can the sector work to enhance consumer awareness, whilst improving credibility and positioning in the market?

Session Chair:

  • Lily Stuart, Research and Engagements Manager, FAIRR Initiative

Speakers include:

  • Jorge Díaz-Global, Sustainability Manager, Skretting
  • Nizar El Alami, CTO, Innovafeed
  • Allan LeBlanc, Vice President, Aquaculture Lead, Calysta
  • Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, CEO, Nofima

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