Rerouting Fishery Subsidies Towards Traceability

This COP15 side event will explain why traceability is a profitable investment for the seafood supply chain, and propose that the funding for such investment could be partially covered by the re-routing of harmful fishery subsidies.

The session will address:

  • How and why corporates should implement traceability systems across supply chains where it is already feasible to do so.
  • How governments could ensure that more seafood supply chains are traceable by relocating so-called harmful fishery subsidies towards incentives supporting traceability investments, and by introducing comprehensive traceability-related regulation?

Speakers include:

  • John Willis, Director of Research, Planet Tracker;
  • Dr Helena Wright, Policy Director, the FAIRR Initiative;
  • Clinton Adas, Global Stewardship Lead for Biodiversity, HSBC Asset Management.

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