FAIRR Commentary

Denny’s has strengthened its policy on antibiotics to eliminate the use of medically important antibiotics in all chicken served at Denny’s U.S. locations effective with purchases beginning 1 March 2019. Denny’s has been subject to increasing investor pressure over the last few years, including a shareholder resolution to adopt an enterprise-wide policy to phase out the use of medically important antibiotics for disease prevention purposes in its meat and poultry supply chain.  The resolution received a vote of 15.5% in 2018.

FAIRR Recommendations

We are encouraged by Denny’s positive actions to strengthen its commitment to antibiotics stewardship. However, we would like to see the company:

  • Extend their policy to cover all relevant animal-derived proteins where antibiotics are prevalent, including pork, beef and turkey.
  • Extend their policy to cover all relevant markets in which it operates in.
  • Extending the scope of their policy beyond medically important antibiotics in order to phase out the routine use of all antibiotics and/ or only use antibiotics when there is a disease present and administered by a veterinarian.
  • Commit to third-party audits across all relevant markets and species to ensure compliance.
  • Report more comprehensively and publicly on implementation progress including antibiotics use.

Company Comment

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See the company’s response to the engagement here.