Domino’s Pizza Group

FAIRR Commentary

Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Limited has a strong and comprehensive policy that prohibits the prophylactic use of antibiotics across all species and geographies. However, the company has yet to report on implementation progress and it continues to monitor supplier compliance through internal audits only.  The company has stated that it will report on key animal welfare performance indicators by 2020; but continues to provide no indication on whether antibiotics use is being monitored, and whether the company will explicitly report on usage.

FAIRR Recommendations

We are encouraged by Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland’s commitment to antibiotics stewardship. However, we would encourage the company to further strengthen their programme by:

  • Setting targets and timelines for implementation.
  • Committing to third-party audits across all relevant markets and species to ensure supplier compliance.
  • Reporting more comprehensively and publicly on implementation progress including antibiotics use.

Company Comment

We remain committed to improving animal welfare standards in our supply chain – including around the use of antibiotics – and we’re pleased to see our efforts recognised.

We don’t currently monitor antibiotic usage in our supply chain. However, we do expect all suppliers to maintain records for medicine/veterinary treatment administration in an animal medication record book or equivalent. This must be made available to us for review at any time.

During 2018, animal welfare was incorporated into the Domino’s Supplier Code of Practice and we continue to take steps to improve standards, agreeing specific targets and timelines for enhancements with suppliers. We remain committed to providing transparent information to our stakeholders and by 2020, we will publicly report against key animal welfare performance targets.

See the company response to the engagement here.