The Cheesecake Factory

FAIRR Commentary

TCF has a strong and comprehensive policy that commits the company to a no antibiotics ever (NAE) approach across all species and operating markets.  This is supported by a time-bound commitment to transition to being antibiotic-free by 2025. In July 2018, TCF provided a detailed progress update for individual species including how supplier compliance is monitored and verified as well as reporting for the first time on the percentage of pigs that are antibiotic-free by volume. TCF is the first U.S. based company to publicly disclose data relating to their transition to antibiotic-free sources.

FAIRR Recommendations

We are encouraged by TCF’s commitment to antibiotics stewardship, and we would encourage the company to continue strengthening their programme by:

  • Clarifying whether their supplier monitoring and verification, specifically third-party audits apply to all relevant sourcing jurisdictions and operating markets. 
  • Continuing to report on the transition to antibiotic-free sources for all relevant species, and to consider reporting using an industry standard measure such as the milligrams of antibiotics consumed per kilogram of animal weight (mg/kg) or mg/ Population Correction Unit (PCU). 

Company Comment

In July 2018, we published our first update report in regards to our Sustainable Sourcing Policy goals and commitments. As stated on the website, we will provide annual updates on our progress towards these goals. The 2019 update will include a more robust data set as the collection process matures.

See the company response to our engagement here.