The Wendy’s Company

FAIRR Commentary

Wendy’s policy on antibiotics previously only covered chicken and focused on eliminating the use of medically important antibiotics.  This has been extended to include beef and pork. For chicken, Wendy’s stated that it has achieved its commitment to eliminate all antibiotics important to human medicine in 2017. The company has set a target for beef, which is to purchase 15% of its beef from producers who have reduced their use of the antibiotic tylosin by 20%. It is unclear by when the company expects to achieve this commitment as Wendy’s has provided no indication on timeline, and whether the company will extend its commitment to include all purchased beef.  Wendy’s commitment on beef has come under public scrutiny. Consumer and public advocacy group U.S. PIRG Education Fund launched a campaign at the end of March 2019 to push the company to extend its commitment by reducing use of medically important antibiotics for disease prevention across its entire beef supply chain. For pork, no time-bound targets to reduce antibiotics use have been set.

FAIRR Recommendations

We are encouraged by Wendy’s commitment to antibiotics stewardship. However, we would encourage the company to further strengthen their programme by:

  • Building on their current beef policy to include all beef sourcing.
  • Extending their policy to cover all relevant animal-derived proteins where antibiotics are prevalent and clarifying the geographic scope of the policy.
  • Extending the scope of their policy beyond medically important antibiotics in order to phase out the routine use of all antibiotics and/ or only use antibiotics when there is a disease present and administered by a veterinarian.
  • Setting targets and timelines for implementation across all species.
  • Reporting more comprehensively and publicly on implementation progress including antibiotics use.

Company Comment

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See the company response to our engagement here.