Through joint letters and briefings, FAIRR facilitates collaborative investor engagements with companies on key issues linked to intensive animal production.

Our engagements are supported by investor coalitions with trillions of dollars of assets under management and encourage companies to improve their management practices in order to protect returns.

Company Universe

We currently cover 107 companies throughout our research and engagements.

Current Engagements

Antibiotics in Livestock Supply Chains

The food industry is the largest consumer of antibiotics globally. FAIRR’s three-year engagement asked global food companies to phase out routine use of antibiotics in their supply chains.

Sustainable Protein Supply Chains

The global livestock sector is heavily dependent on unpriced externalities for its continued growth including GHG emissions and deforestation. FAIRR’s engagement asks 25 global companies to disclose how they plan to diversify their sources of protein.

Global Meat Sourcing

Livestock production consumes nearly a third of global freshwater use and contributes 14.5% of global GHG emissions. This engagement with six fast food companies aims to encourage better management of climate and water risks in their meat and dairy supply chains.

Global Investor Statements

Open Letter: Supporting the Amazon Soy Moratorium

Since 2012, annual deforestation rates in the Amazon have more than doubled, largely driven by cattle ranching. Through this statement, a global coalition of investment institutions and corporates exposed to the sector show their support for deforestation-free soy production in the Amazon.

Global Investor Statement on Antibiotics Stewardship

Investors and food companies have a key role to play in driving progress forward on reducing antibiotic use. Through this statement, we aim to show the strength of investor support for antibiotics stewardship policies and help companies use antibiotics in a safer way.

Statement of Support for the Cerrado Manifesto

The Cerrado biome in Brazil has lost around 50% of its original areas to agricultural expansion. This is changing regional rainfall patterns and impacting agricultural productivity. Signatories are developing a plan with local stakeholders to eradicate halt further deforestation of the Cerrado while maintaining sustainable production.

Engagement Resources & Reports

FAIRR publishes a wide range of research to help investors understand and manage risks and opportunities linked to intensive animal production.


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