The FAIRR Network

This application form is for institutional investors seeking membership of the FAIRR Initiative. We encourage organisations to sign up at the firm-level rather than the fund-level.


Why Join?

  • New research and analysis on the ESG risks and opportunities in protein supply chains, including company-level analysis.
  • Regular updates, presentations, newsletters and private events.
  • Opportunities to join collaborative engagements with relevant companies.
  • Best practice tools, networking and knowledge sharing with the FAIRR Investor Network.
  • Demonstrate leadership in considering ESG issues in food and agriculture as part of the investment process.
  • Membership is free.


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Terms of Reference

To download a copy of our Terms of Reference, please click here.

Any organisation that falls into one of the following categories is eligible to sign up as an Investor Member of the FAIRR Initiative (excluding Venture Capital firms). We encourage organisations to register at the firm-level rather than the fund-level. Those that do not fall into either of these categories should refer to the Service Provider Terms of Reference.

Organisation type Criteria
Asset owner (AO) Organisations that are holders of assets including retirement savings and insurance. For example, this includes insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, foundation and endowments, and pension funds.
Asset manager (AM) Organisations that manage investment funds, make investment decisions and allocate capital on behalf of clients and other beneficiaries including asset owners.

Application Process

1) Investor Membership is open to all institutional investors (i.e. asset owners/managers).
2) To become an Investor Member of the FAIRR Initiative, the firm/company must complete and submit an application form. Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee or constitute membership.
3) The FAIRR Executive will review the application and respond within two working days.

Terms and Conditions

1) Membership of the FAIRR Initiative is free of charge.
2) As an Investor Member, you must commit/agree to:
Joining an onboarding call with the FAIRR team to discuss how we can best partner with your organisation.
Providing the FAIRR Initiative with your firm’s company logo so that it can be displayed on our website and in other communications where we highlight the constituents of the FAIRR Investor Network. Please note that further use of your firm’s name or logo is strictly prohibited without explicit consent.
Participating in the FAIRR Initiative’s annual Investor Feedback Survey. The results are used purely for internal purposes and to guide the ongoing development of our organisational strategy.
Considering the materiality of ESG issues in animal agriculture and working to integrate these considerations into investment your decision-making.
Raising awareness of the FAIRR Initiative and its work within the wider investment community.

NOTE: The word ‘Membership’ is used solely to refer to an Investor Member’s broad support for the FAIRR Initiative. It does not explicitly or implicitly imply support of our other projects or collaborative engagements. In order to sign on to any of FAIRR’s individual engagements, Investor Members must first state their desire and intention to do so. This should happen independently of the membership application. Members will be made aware of opportunities to sign on to new engagements and phases throughout the year via bespoke communications from the FAIRR Initiative.

Member Benefits

Becoming an Investor Member of the FAIRR Initiative puts you at the heart of a global network of investors seeking to understand and manage ESG issues linked to protein supply chains. As an Investor Member, you can:

Collaborate with a growing global network of investors.
Access issue expertise, best practice guidance and cutting-edge research on the risks and opportunities in protein supply chains.
Participate in facilitated engagements, which enable direct dialogues with companies. These are supplemented with progress reports and impact assessments for the duration of the engagement.
Access data, benchmarks and evaluation tools, which help to the quantify material risks and opportunities, and identify leaders and laggards within the global food supply chain.
Join interactive events around animal and plant-based protein production and consumption. This includes panels and roundtables on ESG issues that have traditionally been underexplored by the market. These events offer investors opportunities to learn, network and share knowledge in a variety of global locations.

About the FAIRR Initiative

Established in 2015 by the Jeremy Coller Foundation, the FAIRR Initiative is a collaborative investor network that raises awareness of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities in the food sector.

Our organisation engages in proactive dialogues with investors, food companies and stakeholders around material ESG issues, such as deforestation, water scarcity and public health. We help investors to identify and prioritise these factors through cutting-edge research, which can be integrated into active stewardship their decision-making processes. Furthermore, we enable investors to exercise their influence as responsible stewards of capital while safeguarding the long-term value of their investment portfolios.

Members of the FAIRR Initiative are encouraged to participate actively in all areas of FAIRR’s work, yet there is no obligation to formally sign on to any of our engagements, nor are we prescriptive about the practical utilisation of our research or data. We recognise that investors will tailor the use of FAIRR’s assessment tools to suit the needs of their individual teams.

Governance and Organisational Structure

The Jeremy Coller Foundation is a registered charity (no. 1163970) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 9696841) in England and Wales. The oversight of both the Jeremy Coller Foundation and the FAIRR Initiative rests with the Board of Trustees, consisting of five individuals, one of whom is Jeremy Coller.  The FAIRR Initiative has a separate and distinct Executive Team and staff.  Its budget, strategy and work plans are approved by the Board on an annual basis and organisation reports on its KPIs and progress each quarter

The Jeremy Coller Foundation and the FAIRR Initiative are neither owned nor controlled by Coller Capital. The only affiliation they have is through their shared founder, Jeremy Coller.

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