FAIRR publishes a wide range of research, analysis, benchmarking tools and best practice materials to help investors understand and manage the risks and opportunities associated with intensive animal agriculture.

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At present, we cover 107 companies in our research and engagements.

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Our research helps the capital markets understand the material ESG issues linked to livestock production and aquaculture, and assesses new investment opportunities where they arise.

Green Bond

In January 2020, Mowi became the first-ever seafood company to issue a green bond, pledging €200 million to finance numerous green projects. It is…

17th Apr 2020 | Lorraine Hau

Livestock Levy cover

This Progress Report is a follow-up to the December 2017 ‘Livestock Levy’ White Paper and should be read in conjunction with that paper. Chapter…

30th Jun 2020 | matthewwells


As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds globally, we are presented with a real time case study into the vulnerability of animal agriculture systems to external…

3rd Jun 2020 | kellybush

The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index

The world’s first comprehensive assessment of the largest global animal protein companies on critical environmental, social and governance issues

60 %

of Index companies fail to achieve basic management thresholds across critical sustainability risks.

77 %

of companies, worth $240 billion, are ranked ‘high risk’ on antibiotics management.

5 /60

Index companies currently account for the alternative proteins sector.

Good Practice

Find out how leading global investors are factoring intensive farming issues into their investment processes.

Case Study

ACTIAM is a responsible fund and asset manager based in the Netherlands, with €52 billion in assets under management. They were one of the…

1st May 2019 |


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