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Assessing Policy & Performance on Antibiotics



Key Principles 


Best Practice 

Policy on antibiotics use 


Direct Operations

We assess the strength and coverage of the company’s policy on antibiotics use and whether the company has taken measures to avoid the routine use of antibiotics. 

Policy on antibiotics use. 

Best practice is awarded when a company commits to no routine use of ALL antibiotics across all species except in the presence of diagnosed disease and alongside explicit measures taken to improve welfare and reduce antibiotics. Or a company commits to No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) with explicit disclose on supplementary animal welfare measures and measures to reduce need for antibiotics. 

Disclosure of quantity of antibiotics used 


Direct Operations

We assess the disclosure of and performance on antibiotics used, including distinguishing quantities of antibiotics by type, reasons for use ,and auditing of data. 

Disclosure of quantity of antibiotics used. 

Best Practice is awarded when a company discloses antibiotics used in industry standard units and by type (MIA, CIAs), and disclosures a reduction in antibiotics use over the last 3 years. The company also discloses reasons for use in the reporting year and auditing of data.  In addition, the company lists explicit measures taken to reduce disease incidence. 

Antibiotics 2023 Changes


Summary of Change 

Policy on antibiotics use 

Revamped KPI to allow for the capture of multiple antibiotics policies with different coverage (including protein specific policies) for cases where a company's operations are more complex. 

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