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Food Safety

Assessing the scope of traceability & disclosure on recalls/bans



Key Principles 

Best Practice 

Food safety system  


Direct Operations 

We assess the percentage of owned and supplier facilities certified to a GFSI-recognised scheme, disclosure on audits and corrective actions and food safety innovation.  

Best practice is awarded when a company has 100% of its owned facilities Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-certified, and 100% of its suppliers certified. The company must also disclose the frequency of audits and corrective action rates due to non-conformance. Finally, it must develop food safety innovations that provide consumers with traceability. 

Product recalls and market bans  


We assess the level of detail and disclosure around product recalls, bans, the company’s product recall system and their mitigation measures.  

Best practice is awarded when a company describes its product recall system in place and discloses the number of recalls and market bans in the reporting year, including information on corrective actions. 

Food Safety 2023 Changes

No major changes in 2023. 

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