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Lucrezia Tincani PhD

Head of Policy

Dr Lucrezia Tincani is the Head of Policy Programmes at the FAIRR Initiative, where she focuses on policy solutions for building a more sustainable global food system. She engages with governments, regulators, industry bodies and investors to promote a greater understanding of ESG risks in intensive agriculture and livestock production, and to draw attention to sustainable policies and practices. Policy topics covered include climate finance, agricultural subsidy reform, biodiversity, deforestation, alternative proteins, antimicrobial resistance and working conditions - particularly in the UK, EU, US, East Asia and international policy space.

Lucrezia has an interdisciplinary background in ecology and behavioural economics, and did her PhD on food security and climate resilience, at SOAS. Before joining FAIRR, she advised both public and private sector players on agriculture, climate change, land use and biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods and just transition, while based at a consultancy firm. She engaged both with governments, bilateral donors and foundations as well as with impact investors and Development Finance Institutions. Through her work, she spent considerable time with smallholder livestock and crop producers in Africa and Asia, building her understanding of the interconnectedness of poverty, environmental degradation and local power and market dynamics. She has designed, implemented and independently evaluated multi-million-dollar climate and agricultural development programmes, which aimed to improve outcomes for farmers, for the environment, and for policy. She leverages her experience in monitoring, evaluation and learning, and her passion for impact, to catalyse meaningful policy change.

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