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Weiming joined FAIRR in 2023 as an ESG Analyst (Climate), working on the Coller FAIRR Climate Risk Tool. Her work focuses on data analysis and data visualisation of climate-related research, generating insights and digital transformation of the model. 

Working at FAIRR 

Weiming is a pivotal member of our Climate Risk Tool and Research & Evaluation (R&E) teams, offering substantial quantitative expertise. She has spearheaded significant model enhancements and the digital transformation initiatives, markedly boosting operational efficiency. Her analytical acumen extends to generating nuanced insights on a variety of climate risk-related topics within the agricultural sector. 

In addition to her data analysis prowess, Weiming plays a crucial role in our external engagements. She has actively participated in and contributed to numerous investor roadshows, effectively promoting the benefits of our Climate Risk Tools. Her presentations to key stakeholders across Asia have been instrumental in enhancing our company's visibility and impact in the region. Another responsibility of her work is utilising data visualisation to provide assistance to the team's daily work, such as slide preparation and company financial analysis.   

Recent contributions from Weiming include the development of the FAIRR's shareholder database and the Climate Risk Tool 3.0 digital transformation utilizing R programming. Her work “COP28 Alert: Tackling Methane Emissions in Agriculture Demands Attention” focusing on the urgent need to address methane emissions in agriculture, has been recognized for its critical importance and timely relevance. 


Weiming boasts a diverse and robust academic background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Connecticut. She furthered her studies with two Master’s degrees: an MSc in Business Analytics from Imperial College London, and an MSc in Energy Systems and Data Analytics from University College London. During her postgraduate studies, Weiming honed her skills by focusing on the application of data analytics to promote decarbonization strategies across various sectors of the energy industry. 

Professionally, Weiming brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked in several key industries including private equity, asset management, and e-commerce prior to joining FAIRR. Her professional journey is underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainability. She is deeply passionate about leveraging her quantitative skills to contribute towards achieving a sustainable planet, striving for net zero emissions, and fostering the development of a greener food system