CLAP Online Roundtable: Opportunities for Investor Action in the Healthcare Sector

The FAIRR Initiative is delighted to be participating in the healthcare sector roundtable for the Corporate Lobbying Alignment Project, which will take place at 10:00 (EST) on Thursday, 24 September.

How can investors respond to corporate capture and lobbying in the healthcare sector? What are the key challenges and opportunities? Join Kezia St Clere Smithe, ESG Analyst, for the online roundtable, where she will be presenting a case study on the use of antibiotics in the meat industry and exploring sector-specific stewardship opportunities.

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 Jerome Tagger, CEO, Preventable Surprises
10:05What does lobbying in the healthcare sector look like & why does it matter for investors?
 Wendell Potter, Founding Director, Center for Health & Democracy
10:20Research update & engagement case studies
ModeratorHamish Stewart, CLAP Research Director, Preventable Surprises
SpeakersKezia St Clere Smithe, ESG Analyst, FAIRR Initiative
 Meg Jones-Monteiro, Programme Director, Health Equity, ICCR
 John Keenan, Corporate Governance Analyst, AFSCME Employees Pension Plan
10:40Audience Q&A
11:00Forceful Stewardship and escalation questions for comment