The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index

The world’s first comprehensive assessment of the largest global animal protein companies on critical environmental, social and governance issues

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Index overview

A ground-breaking new index for investors that ranks the 60 largest producers of meat, poultry, dairy and aquaculture on their management of critical business risks from water to waste, food safety to worker safety.


Nine Factory Farming Risk Factors Assessed

The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index worked with a range of stakeholders to identify the nine sustainability risks deemed most material to the animal protein sector. Each company was categorised as low, medium or high risk based on its disclosure in each area.


Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Summary of findings

60% of Index companies fail to achieve basic management thresholds across critical sustainability risks.
72% (of Index companies worth $176 billion) are classified ‘high risk’ on emissions as they are not disclosing or managing climate risk.
77% of Index companies (worth $240 billion), are classified ‘high risk’ on management of antibiotics.

Only three livestock companies have an explicit zero-deforestation commitment for relevant commodities.

Waste and pollution is the best managed risk category.

Only five of the 60 Index companies currently account for the alternative proteins sector.

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This report provides investors with insights to the risks associated with the intensive livestock farming industry, and assess companies engaged in livestock farming
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"The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index is a major breakthrough for investors. At a stroke it enables capital markets to more easily identify which intensive farming companies are adequately managing material business issues such as food safety, working conditions and environmental impacts, and which companies are at risk."
Imogen Rose-Smith
Investment Fellow
University of California Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents
"From fast food to fine dining, much of the food on our plates leads back to the livestock and fisheries sector assessed by this Index."
Abigail Herron
Global Head of Responsible Investment