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Appetite for Change: Investing in a “Smart” Food System

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Event Overview

The war in Ukraine is having an enormous impact on agriculture and soft commodity supply chains, highlighting the need to improve global food security, especially for those in developing countries or low-income, food-deficit nations. The urgently needed transition to a “smart” alternative, presents investors with a chance to deliver positive, lasting change to billions of lives – and an opportunity to participate in what is likely to be one of the greatest growth stories in human history.  

Organised by CFA UK’s ESG working group, this webinar will explore how the status quo contributes to many of the biggest threats facing the planet and its inhabitants. Crucially, it will also discuss how the rise of innovations such as agtech (agricultural technology) promises to deliver disruption on a worldwide scale.

Speakers include:

  • Maria Lettini, Executive Director, the FAIRR Initiative;

  • Henning Stein, Global Head of Thought Leadership and Market Strategy, Invesco;

  • James Matthews, CFA, European Small Cap Equities Fund Manager, Invesco.

Key Information
Date: 8 September 2022
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Online