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Future Food-Tech: Alternative Proteins Summit

Key Topic(s)
Alternative Proteins

Focusing on three key pillars: plant-based, cell-based, and microbial fermentation, the Alternative Proteins Summit will bring together CPG leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, ingredient developers, retailers and foodservice providers to unpack the possibilities of these technologies and create unified approaches to scaling the next generation of novel proteins. 

This two-day event will connect global food leaders as they map out the future of protein. Our Director of Research and Engagements, Aarti Ramachandran, will also join a panel on Wednesday, 23 June, at 20:25 alongside other notable speakers from Morgan Stanley, UBS Asset Management and Generation Investment Management. The panel will address the following questions:

  • How is the alternative proteins sector maturing? Can we draw any parallels from the tech industry when the boom happened? 

  • When do we expect ESG to become standard practice across the investment industry?

  • What do institutional investors need to see, from growth indicators to capital expenditure, in order for a company to be attractive?

  • How can later-stage investors help companies with their long-term innovation roadmap, and what are the crucial steps in preparing them for exit or IPO?

  • How can shareholders of big corporates and listed companies influence the board and direction of the company, to push positive change from the top down?

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Advisory Board Members:

  • Ranjani Varadan, Vice President of Research & Development, Impossible Foods

  • Pro Bronson, Managing Director, IndieBio

  • Thomas Jonas, Founder and CEO, Nature’s Fynd

  • Dan Gluck, Managing Partner, PowerPlant Ventures

  • Tim Ingmire, Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Quorn

  • Costa Yiannoulis – Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Synthesis Capital

  • Irina Gerry, CMO, Change Foods

  • Matt Gibson, CEO & Co-founder, New Culture

  • Jean-Phillipe Azoulay- Vice President of Peas & New Protein Lines, Roquette

  • Andy Seaberg, Vice President of Research & Development, Ripple

  • David Wagstaff, Executive Director, Europe, EatJUST

  • Liz Specht, Associate Director of Science and Technology, Good Food Institute

  • Alan Hahn, CEO, MycoTechnology

  • Deena Shakir, Partner, Lux Capital

  • Fengru Lin, Co-Founder & CEO, Turtle Tree Labs

  • Eric Schulze, Vice President of Product & Regulatory, Memphis Meats

Key Information
Date:22 June - 23 June 2021
Time:13:30 - 21:30