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Investment and Finance for Healthy and Sustainable Diets (COP26 Rockefeller Pavilion)


Using Investment and True Cost Accounting as Levers for Food Systems Change.

This event will explore investment and True Cost Accounting as powerful tools that can redirect capital flows toward food systems that are nourishing regenerative and equitable. 

Today, capital flows to the food system regardless of the degree to which it is produced and processed in ways that damage the environment and contribute to climate change. Co-hosted by Food Tank, WWF and the Rockefeller Foundation, the panel will discuss how finance and investment can be redirected to make food systems more environmentally sustainable, nourishing, and socially just.

Speakers include:

  • Barbara Buchner, Senior Director of Climate Policy Initiative;

  • Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development;

  • Maria Lettini, Executive Director of FAIRR Initiative;

  • Eivind Lorgen, founding member and Chair of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board;

  • Petra Hans, Head of Agricultural Livelihoods at the IKEA Foundation;

  • Rex Raimond, Director for Transformational Investing in Food Systems (TIFS) Initiative.

The event will table place in the blue zone area, where badges are required. NOTE: All events require pre-registration and are offered free both in person and via live stream!

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Key Information
Date:8 November 2021
Time:12:30 - 13:30