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Pushing Sustainability in Public Companies


Event Overview

This event is part of RI Canada, which brings together leading banks, pension funds, insurers and financial regulators to pave the way to a sustainable, net-zero economy.

Sofia Condes, Senior Investor Outreach Manager at the FAIRR Initiative, will moderate a session addressing the following questions:

  • How are leading public equities investors going about driving sustainability in their portfolios?

  • To what extent are we seeing credible incentives on ESG performance being tied to executive pay in?

  • How are investors influencing public companies through their voting strategy?

  • To what extent will voting against specific directors be a trend in the future as a tool of influence?

Speakers include:

  • Jennifer Stevenson, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Dynamic;

  • Catherine Simard, Senior Director, Sustainable Investing, CDPQ;

  • Catherine McCall, Executive Director, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG);

  • Lesley Marks, Chief Investment Officer, Equities, Mackenzie Investments.

Key Information
Date: 19 October 2022
Time: 07:15 - 08:00
Location: Toronto, Canada
Address: Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, Canada