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Appetite For Disruption: The Last Serving

Over the past five years, the FAIRR Initiative has undertaken extensive engagement with companies and investors on sustainable proteins, helping to catalyse the transition to healthier, more sustainable diets and ensure long-term food security.

Part of the Future of Protein Production Summit, this session will explore how 25 leading food companies are using protein diversification to drive growth and build climate-aligned portfolios. Our ESG Analyst, Sofia De La Parra, will provide a detailed update on company progress on the topic of sustainable proteins. All 25 target companies, including Tesco, Walmart and Kroger, now recognise protein diversification as a material business issue. In addition, the number of companies adopting formal targets for protein diversification has grown from zero to seven in the last three years.

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Key Information
Date: 10 March 2022
Time: 19:50 - 21:10
Location: Online