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15 July 2021

In response to the UK’s National Food Strategy announced today, Jeremy Coller, founder of the $38-trillion-backed FAIRR investor network and Chief Investment Officer at Coller Capital said:

“The announcement of the UK’s new National Food Strategy is a landmark moment on the road to a safer and more sustainable food system, that could position the UK as a leader in food innovation.

The report offers an ambitious and much-needed roadmap for navigating key challenges such as how to feed growing populations in a net-zero economy, how we can leverage protein transition to build resilience and protect global resources, and how to incentivise sustainable farming practices.

FAIRR’s research has examined the widespread climate and health risks in intensive animal agriculture. It finds that 86**%** of major meat and dairy suppliers are failing to declare or set meaningful emissions reduction targets, and 70% are at high risk of spreading future pandemics.

I have long argued that we cannot reach net-zero, or prevent future pandemics, without addressing this sector’s unsustainable climate and health footprint. Therefore, I welcome today’s thorough research into the links between food production, zoonotic diseases and environmental degradation.

Moreover, FAIRR data has shown that protein diversification is a profitable path for reducing ESG impacts in animal protein supply chains. Therefore, the goal of increasing plant-based food consumption by 2030 and seizing the opportunity presented by alternative protein innovation is extremely encouraging for ESG-conscious investors.

This is the first major review of the UK’s food system for more than 70 years and it comes at a crucial moment in our global efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. FAIRR welcomes this bold vision for a more sustainable future of food and looks forward to engaging in the conversations that arise from this announcement.”