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18 August 2023

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Noaa Fisheries Looks Towards the Future With First Ever National Seafood Strategy

Fisheries | 11 August 2023

The United States government’s marine life and fishing department is aiming to promote sustainable fisheries, enhance seafood security and bolster economic activity in the seafood industry, aligning with the Biden-Harris administration’s general views towards environmental sustainability. The NOAA took public comments and opinions on board for the development of the strategy from organisations within the marine life industry, as well as regional fishery management councils.

1 in 10 UK Dairy Farmers Prepare to Turn Backs on Production Over Next 2 Years

The Grocer | 16 August 2023

A new survey conducted by the NFU amongst 590 farmers in the UK has shown that around 9%  are contemplating halting milk production by 2025, amid concerns of rising operational costs, market uncertainties, and lower yields. Feed prices were cited by 84% of respondents were, while 83% citing energy prices and 80% cash flow and profitability as key factors likely to reduce milk supply. And 91% of dairy farmers said the biggest deterrent to increasing milk production was the scale of investment required for developments such as proper manure storage to ensure their farms complied with environmental regulations. Dairy businesses also expressed concerns regarding the impact of government regulations.

Plant-Based Meat Company, Juicy Marbles Plans to Unveil Vegan Pork Ribs With Edible Bones

The Guardian | 17 August 2023

The latest innovation in the plant-based meat sector sees an interesting take on reproducing pork ribs for vegan consumers. The product’s protein-rich ‘bones’ will aim to act as a realistic meat substitute rather than being discarded after the plant-based meat has been consumed. This release shows continued innovation in the sector despite recent reports of falling sales and companies going into administration. Other meat alternatives are also expanding, including a recent application from Aleph Farms to sell its steak, cultivated by growing real meat cells in vats, in the UK.

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