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12 May 2023

FAIRR’s top news picks

Addressing the Global Seafood Crisis with 3D-Printed Fish

Canada Today | 8 May 2023

Studies have shown that the world's oceans could be almost empty by 2048 if the current trends continue. To address this issue, Steakholder Foods, an Israeli biotech company, and Umami Meats, a Singapore-based cellular agriculture start-up, are collaborating to create the world's first lab-grown fish fillet using 3D printing technology. The product is set to be launched in Singapore next year and, after regulatory approval, in countries such as the US and Japan.

Exploitation of Child Labour Uncovered at PSSI Slaughterhouses

The Guardian | 9 May 2023

More than 100 children between the age of 13 and 17 were discovered to be working at Packers Sanitation Services Incorporated (PSSI) meatpacking plants in Nebraska, in breach of US labour laws. In response, the US labour department imposed the maximum penalty allowed under federal law, with a fine of $1.5 million. The situation was brought to light when students attending a local school reported burns on their hands and falling asleep in class after working night shifts at a nearby slaughterhouse. A blog from Sian Jones, Senior Analyst, who leads FAIRR's Working Conditions engagement, sheds more light on this issue.

Climate Crisis: Europe's Future Ravaged by Drought

Bloomberg | 11 May 2023

Spain's southern province of Albacete is facing its worst drought in decades, and the network of ditches constructed during the Middle Ages to irrigate crops may no longer provide sufficient water to farms. The water levels at many of the country's dams and reservoirs have reached record lows and canals are running dry, causing concern that modern, industrial farms may begin to tap into local supplies. Prolonged droughts can have catastrophic effects on agriculture since the industry does not have enough time to recover, and the consequences continue to accumulate season after season, potentially leading to food shortages and higher prices.

Graph of the Week

The CO2 flux resulting from land use in Brazil is among the highest, with livestock being a major contributor. The recent launch of the Climate Risk Tool sheds more light on this issue.

Source: EnergyPost

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