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Food systems don't just depend on biodiversity, they are part of it
Waste & Pollution
Regenerative Agriculture

Biodiversity Overview

The variability of life on Earth is encompassed in the concept of biodiversity. It represents nature’s capacity to provide the ecosystem services on which humans, other species, societies and economies rely on. Without biodiversity or biological diversity, life and economic activities as we know them simply could not exist. Biodiversity loss is, therefore a material financial risk. The need to urgently preserve and protect terrestrial, inland water, marine and coastal ecosystems was globally recognised in December 2022 with the launch of the Global Framework on Biodiversity (GFB). The framework has established a baseline for international action through to 2030 and will ultimately require a systemic shift in agricultural production.

This has also been highlighted by financial and corporate standards such as Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN), calling for organisations to manage and report biodiversity-related risks and set effective targets to prevent biodiversity loss.

As a result, FAIRR’s efforts seek to address the key drivers of biodiversity loss, its associated risks, and opportunities through sector analysis and company engagement. We focus on:

  • waste & pollution

  • land and ocean management, resource extraction and regeneration

  • land and ocean use change and deforestation


Nature and Biodiversity Workstreams

Regenerative Agriculture

Preliminary assessment of 75 food-sector companies in a investor brochure on regenerative agriculture.

Project-Regenerative Agriculture

Biodiversity Engagement

Mismanagement of Manure Drives Pollution and Biodiversity Risk


Sustainable Aquaculture Engagement

Climate and Biodiversity Risk in the Farmed Salmon Industry

Project-Sustainable Aquaculture

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