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Research & Engagements

Changtong joined FAIRR in July 2023 as the China Specialist. His work focuses on engaging with the Chinese companies in the Index and collaborating with FAIRR’s key stakeholders in China, including investors, NGOs, academics etc. 

Working at FAIRR 

Changtong provides support to the wider FAIRR team on Asia (specifically China) -related work, including company engagement, investor outreach, shareholder engagement, etc. Changtong is also the GHG factor owner of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. 

Changtong also led one of the climate engagements with a Chinese company – Muyuan, through the China Climate Engagement Initiative, which collaborates with the biggest Chinese asset managers to engage Chinese companies on climate.  


In China, Changtong worked at Apple and WeWork. After relocating to London in 2019, he joined the London Branch of the Bank of China as a research assistant focusing on green finance. 

Changtong holds an MSc in International Business Management from the University of Surrey and is currently completing a Master of Research at Lancaster University. His research project is based on developing a framework for businesses to become Carbon Net-Zero using Life Cycle Assessment to analyse the product carbon footprint and scope 3 emission in supply chains.