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Cristina joined FAIRR in 2020 where she is the Senior Research and Engagement Manager leading the Social Risk workstream and supporting Climate work. Her work focuses on developing FAIRR’s services to support investor members and companies address existing social risk in agri-food supply chains, and to understand risks and capitalise on opportunities in the just transition to a socially and environmentally sustainable food sector. 

Working at FAIRR 

Cristina provides technical expertise across the wider FAIRR team on strategic decision-making, developing assessment frameworks and methodologies for collaborative engagements, leading thematic research, representing FAIRR on climate and social working groups and disseminating FAIRR’s research at high-level events and conferences.  

Recent examples of Cristina’s work include oversight of FAIRR’s Working Conditions Collaborative Investor Engagement, which started in 2021 to address gaps in corporate policies, their enforcement and oversight of six multinational meat producers to ‘elevate worker voice’ i.e. support worker ability to communicate risk to the company. Cristina also oversees FAIRR’s Protein Diversification Collaborative Investor Engagement, launched in 2023 and building on the learnings of six years of FAIRR’s former Sustainable Proteins Engagement, the work with investors and food companies continues to unlock the potential of protein diversification strategies as a tool for corporates to deliver on their commitments to climate and nutrition/health.  

Past FAIRR projects that Cristina has led include Global Collaborative Engagement on Meat Sourcing in partnership with Ceres which addressed climate and water risk in the meat supply chains of six international quick service restaurant brands; and a bespoke investor engagement on the Net Zero commitment and strategy of a leading multinational meat producer.  


Cristina is an experienced strategist and agri-food sector specialist with over 10 years of experience working with investors, corporates, consulting firms, think tanks, and NGOs. Prior organisations include The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, Third Bridge, Third Bridge, and AON. Cristina supports the world’s largest investors and food companies on their efforts to address social risk and to transition to a sustainable food system. 

Cristina holds an MA in International Security, and a double BA in Global Business Administration with a minor in Finance. She is currently based in Madrid but has lived and worked in the UK, Cambodia, and Ireland. 

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