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The Protein Pulse, 11 – 17 December

Netherlands Announces €25bn Plan to Tackle Manure Pollution

The Guardian | 15 December 2021

Europe’s biggest meat exporter is battling with a manure crisis. The Netherlands has more than 100 million cattle, chickens and pigs which are contributing to this waste problem. To address the problem, the Dutch government announced a radical plan to reduce the number of livestock by a third. Could this be an opportunity to move towards more sustainable agricultural practices?


GOOD Meat’s Cultivated Chicken Granted Regulatory Approval in Singapore

Business Wire | 15 December 2021

Singapore is leading the way with supportive regulatory environments for the fast-growing cultivated meat industry as GOOD Meat is granted regulatory approval to sell new types of its cultivated chicken products. Singapore’s ambitious “30 By 30” campaign has a target to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs domestically and sustainably by 2030. 


Supermarkets Drop Brazilian Beef Products Linked to Deforestation

Financial Times | 16 December 2021

Sainsbury’s, Carrefour and other large supermarket chains have implemented measures to stop selling several Brazilian meat products that contribute to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Post-COP26, it is encouraging that European retailers are using their supply chain power to halt deforestation. FAIRR’s research indicates that 62% of companies assessed on cattle-related deforestation offer no public discussion of deforestation risks linked to their cattle supply chains.


Graphic of the Week:

Source: Financial Times

The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index comprises of some of the most important protein suppliers to the biggest global food retailers. These consumer-facing companies source their meat, fish and dairy from a range of the companies in the Index and are, therefore, exposed to a myriad of ESG risks through their supply chains.

Source: The FAIRR Initiative

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