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The FAIRR Initiative is delighted to be hosting and participating in several events at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which which is hosted in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt this year from Sunday 6th November to Friday 18th November. Follow the links below to register for the events.


FAIRR-hosted Event: A Roadmap to Aligning Food, Finance, and Philanthropy with Climate Goals

Wednesday, 9 November | 8:30-9:30 EET | Food and Agriculture Pavilion (Blue Zone)

FAIRR’s Policy Director, Dr Helena Wright, moderated a panel discussion exploring how private, public and philanthropic funding in food systems can align with climate goals, and the role global agricultural roadmap could play. Panellists included speakers from FAO, Planet Tracker, WINGS, and private finance. This event was co-hosted with Planet Tracker and WINGS.

FAIRR-hosted Event: Financing a Just Transition to Global Sustainable Food Systems and Protein Production

Wednesday, 9 November | 12:45-14:30 EET | Food4Climate Pavilion (Blue Zone)

Dr Helena Wright, FAIRR’s Policy Director, spoke on the topic of a just transition in agriculture. Panellists from development finance institutions, worker representatives and food innovation experts spoke alongside Helena for a timely discussion around what just transition means for agricultural workers, what the role of financial institutions is for a just transition, and how it can be achieved. The panel was moderated by Lasse Bruun, CEO of 50by40. WATCH IT NOW!

Advancing Sustainable Protein to Meet Climate Goals

Thursday, 10 November | 18:00-19:15 EET | Food4Climate Pavilion (Blue Zone)

This event showcased three AIM4C Innovation Sprints that emphasise the clear role of alternative protein in catalysing climate action and creating sustainable food systems. Maria Lettini, FAIRR’s Executive Director, spoke about the AIM4C innovation sprint ‘ESG Frameworks for Alternative Protein Products’, reflecting on the partnership with GFI and the Breakthrough Initiative to develop a standardised ESG framework for alternative protein companies. Also on the panel were Lee Recht, Vice President of Sustainability at Aleph Farms, and Stephanie von Stein, Senior Associate Director of International Relations at GFI, who spoke about their work on cellular agriculture and accelerating sustainable protein innovation. WATCH IT NOW!

FAIRR-hosted Event: Food System Climate Solutions

Friday, 11 November | 15:00-16:30 EET | UNFCCC Side Event in the Tutankhamun Room (Blue Zone)

In this two-part event, in the UNFCCC official side event schedule, Jeremy Coller, FAIRR’s founder spoke about the Good Food Finance Network, and how the public and private sector can intervene to mitigate risk and find solutions. Our Policy Director, Dr Helena Wright, also joined the panel, and spoke about food system risks from the perspective of Jeremy Coller Foundation. This event was hosted as part of the Good Food Finance Network.

Sustainable Diets: Fostering a Just Transition Towards Resilient Food Systems Off

Friday, 11 November | 16:45-18:15 EET | UNFCCC Side Event in the Thutmose Room (Blue Zone)

Food systems must adapt and prepare for the devastating consequences that climate change will have. The panel, in the official UNFCCC side event programme, highlighted that a just transition for the livestock sector has never been more important. FAIRR’s Executive Director, Maria Lettini, joined this pertinent panel, with speakers from government, NGOs, and the private sector, to highlight the importance of a just transition towards meeting climate goals, including the role of plant-based foods. WATCH IT NOW!

Official Launch of the “Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation – Fast Initiative"

Saturday, 12 November | 8:45-11:00 EET | UNFCCC Side Event in the Thutmose Room (Blue Zone)

The FAST flagship initiative aims to respond to the urgency of implementation in an inclusive manner, building on the existing global efforts in the field of Agriculture and Food Security. Jeremy Coller spoke at this launch event, hosted by the COP27 Presidency, Egypt.

Future-proofing our Global Food System

Saturday, 12 November | 12-12:45 EET | UK Pavilion (Blue Zone)

FAIRR’s Executive Director, Maria Lettini, spoke at a panel event at the UK Pavilion hosted by the COP26 Presidency, on the topic of sustainable food systems.

Repurposing Agricultural Support to Transform our Food Systems

Saturday, 12 November | 12:45-14:00 EET | Food4Climate Pavilion (Blue Zone)

At this event, Policy Officer, Stephanie Haszczyn, spoke on a panel event that discussed the current structure of agricultural support globally, and how the support may be affecting market movements, and distorting the true cost of food. WATCH IT NOW!

FAIRR Private Roundtable: Aligning Agricultural Finance to Meet Climate and Nature Goals

Saturday, 12 November | 17:00-19:00 EET

At this private roundtable, Jeremy Coller, FAIRR’s Founder, spoke about the alignment of agricultural finance with climate and nature goals, as a follow-up to a similar event that FAIRR hosted last year. The event was held under Chatham House Rule.

Making Space for Nature by Changing how we Produce Meat

Wednesday, 16 November | 9-10:45 EET | Food Systems Pavilion (Blue Zone)

Ending deforestation by 2030 will be impossible without changing how meat is made. FAIRR’s Policy Manager, Ayden Maher, spoke on a panel addressing how sustainable protein innovation can lead to land and water recovery everywhere. Among other panellists, Nancy Harris, Research Director, Land and Carbon Lab, World Resources Institute, and Ambassador Gideon Behar, Ambassador, Special Envoy for Climate Change and Sustainability, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. WATCH IT NOW!

If you are attending COP27 and would like to meet a member of our team, please get in touch with our Policy Officer, Stephanie Haszczyn, at

Key Information
Date:6 November - 18 November 2022
Time:06:00 - 16:00
Location:Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Address:Sharm El Sheikh International Convention Centre (SHICC), Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt