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To celebrate World Food Safety Day, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the FAIRR Initiative are co-hosting a webinar to share insights and learnings on the importance of collaboration to ensure safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.

The webinar will showcase exactly why robust food safety management schemes and the use of GFSI tools are helping to deliver safe food now and supporting the longer-term objective of a healthy tomorrow by driving positive change in the animal agriculture sector. The webinar will:

  • highlight the importance of World Food Safety Day;

  • present the FAIRR initiative and its work with investors on food safety via the use of GFSI tools;

  • highlight the benefits of food safety from an investor’s perspective;

  • build the business case for a stronger link between safe food and good financial performance, and how you can raise the food safety case to your internal stakeholders; and

  • provide insights from members of the GFSI Steering Committee on why this collaboration is key!

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  • Wai-Chan Chan, Managing Director, _The Consumer Goods Forum<br />_

  • Maria Montosa, ESG Analyst, FAIRR Initiative

  • Suresh Mistry, Co-Founder and Head of ESG & Impact Reporting, Alquity

  • Anne Gerardi, GFSI Senior Project Manager, The Consumer Goods Forum

Key Information
Date: 7 June 2021
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Online