Member AUM
$70 trillion
Key Topic(s)
Greenhouse Gases

Part of RI Japan, this event will cover:

  • How can Japan shift to a low- carbon ocean future?

  • What role can blue bonds and blue carbon credits play?

  • Creating sustainable fisheries: linking biodiversity conservation and food security

Speakers include:

  • Sofía Condés, Head of Investor Outreach, FAIRR Initiative

  • Akane Enatsu, Head of Nomura Research Center of Sustainability, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research

  • Wakao Hanaoka, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd.

  • Mari Yoshitaka, Fellow (Sustainability), Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting

  • Satoshi Maekawa, Oceans and fisheries group leader, WWF Japan

Key Information
Date:24th May 2023
Time:15:35 - 16:25 JST (UTC+9)
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Address:Toranomon Hills Forum, Tokyo