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Where Are Industry Coalitions Delivering Superior ESG Progress and Where Are Investors Better Placed Acting Alone?

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This session is part of ESG Investment Europe, a summit purpose-built to provide finance professionals with a toolkit for quantifying ESG-related risk; understanding which ESG focus areas present rapid growth opportunities; and solidifying ESG diligence into every layer of business strategy.

The financial world’s collective lagging on Paris-aligned targets has left lingering doubt over the usefulness of collaborative action. To chart a course for the way forward, a group of leading voices from top intergovernmental bodies, coalitions, and institutional investors will come together on this panel to give first-hand reflections on which ESG goals European investors have progressed with via consolidated action or solo, targeted force.

Speakers include:

  • Sofía De La Parra, Investor Outreach Manager, FAIRR Initiative

  • Jasper Petit, Head of European Investments, BouwInvest

The session will be moderated by Pepijn Rijvers, Executive Vice President – Redefining Value, The World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

Key Information
Date: 7 September 2023
Time: 14:30 - 15:10 BST (UTC+1)
Location: London
Address: 133 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BX