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8 September 2023
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Alternative Proteins Research Hub to Be Opened in the UK

Food Navigator | 1 September 2023

Exciting news for the alternative proteins industry this week as a £15M research hub is set to open in the UK. The organisation will focus on improving the taste and texture of alternative proteins, reducing the cost of production, improving best practices, and exploring the connection between diets and health. Alternative proteins are less resource intensive compared to their conventional animal protein counterparts and are therefore vital in mitigating the negative environmental impacts on climate and nature.

Hundreds of Academics Call For 100% Plant-Based Meals at UK Universities

The Guardian | 4 September 2023

Cutting meat consumption in rich nations is increasingly cited by scientists as the single biggest way for people to reduce their impact on the planet to tackle climate change. Over 650 academics have called for 100% plant based catering at UK universities in support of a student-led campaign to fight the climate crisis. The letter states that animal farming and fishing are leading drivers of the climate and ecological crises and calls for institutional divestment from meat and dairy rather than individual dietary changes.

Cultivated Meat Company First To Gain B Corp Certification

Forbes | 7 September 2023

Dutch company Mosa Meat, a pioneer in the cultivated meat space, will become a certified B Corporation, reflecting its high standards of social and environmental impact. To receive this type of certification, businesses have to demonstrate performance, accountability, and transparency across their operations. Cultivated meat, produced through innovative biotechnological processes, significantly reduces the environmental challenges posed by conventional meat production, such as greenhouse gas emissions and extensive water usage.

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