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18 March 2022

FAIRR’s top news picks

EU Wants Less Dependence on Imported Goods

Reuters | 11 March 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is forcing the European Union to become more self-sufficient. However, it will be challenging for the bloc to rapidly reduce its dependence on Russian gas, oil, coal and raw materials as well as to find alternative suppliers of wheat. A plan to phase out dependence on Russia in five years is set to be produced by mid-May. To become more independent in food, the EU plans to boost production of plant-based proteins.

UN Warns Ukraine Invasion May Lead to Worldwide Food Crisis

The Guardian | 14 March 2022

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation warns that the world is facing a potential food crisis. Food prices are soaring and millions are in danger of severe hunger as the war in Ukraine threatens supplies of key staple crops. With food prices reaching an all-time high in February, global supplies of wheat, maize and sunflower oil are under threat as Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of these goods. Many developing countries are among the most reliant and are expected to suffer the most.

Dutch Parliament Approves Cultured Meat Tasting

Forbes | 17 March 2022

The Dutch House of Representatives adopted a resolution that enables tastings of cultured meat under controlled conditions across The Netherlands. The measure is a vital step in the process of product development and approval, as well as consumer acceptance, and ultimately in the fight against climate change. Cellular agriculture presents one solution to the growing demand for proteins, while also reducing the negative climate and animal welfare impacts of meat consumption.

Graphic of the Week

Countries across the globe are preparing for food supply shortages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The map below shows imports of cereals into selected Western European countries (Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden, Austria) from Russia and Ukraine. 

Source: Wageningen University

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