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19 May 2023

FAIRR’s top news picks

Intensive Farming Is the Biggest Cause of Bird Decline in Europe

The Guardian | 15 May 2023

A study identifies the use of pesticides and fertilisers in intensive agriculture as the primary cause of the dwindling number of birds in the UK and the rest of Europe. Biodiversity loss and the associated economic costs are increasingly being recognised as sources of financial risk. FAIRR’s research finds that as the main driver for change in ecosystem diversity, intensive animal agriculture, carries a large share of responsibility for the damage done and is in urgent need of transformation.

Two Poultry Workers Test Positive for Bird Flu in England

BBC | 17 May 2023

Two poultry workers in England test positive for bird flu as the virus continues to intensify globally. This is an important reminder that farm workers face a higher risk of becoming infected if they are exposed to the avian flu virus via inhalation or direct contact with infected matter. It is essential that protective gear like masks and gloves is provided across poultry farms. FAIRR’s recent blog takes a deeper look at the recent spread of bird flu.

“Free-Range” Chicken Labels Have Little Meaning

Vox | 17 May 2023

An investigation at a Virginia farm that raises chickens on contract for Tyson Foods finds major animal welfare violations: tens of thousands of birds kept in warehouse-sized barns, with minimal light, many of them with injuries and with insufficient access to feed or water. Additionally, a Tyson Foods employee is recorded stating that the chicken industry’s “free-range” labels are often used for commercial purposes and in reality, many birds rarely see the sunlight.

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