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18 November 2022

FAIRR’s top news picks

FAO Plan On Farming Emissions to Launch by COP28

Reuters | 10 November 2022

This week at COP27, the FAO announced that work is underway to produce a roadmap for the AFOLU sector to align with 1.5 by 2050 – aiming for publication by COP28. This announcement follows an investor letter convened by FAIRR earlier this year calling for the creation of a roadmap to 1.5 for the sector. It is the hope that this will help limit global warming while ensuring the protection of nature and achieving food security goals.

Methane Emissions From 15 Meat and Dairy Companies Rival Those of the EU

The Guardian | 15 November 2022

The negative impact of livestock production on climate and nature is constantly evidenced by science and research. Yet another study shows that combined methane emissions of 15 largest meat and dairy companies exceed those of Russia, Canada and Australia. It is a scary reality that if these companies were treated as a country, it would be the 10th-largest greenhouse gas-emitting jurisdiction in the world.

Lab-Grown Meat Gets the FDA Approval for Consumption in the US

Euronews | 16 November 2022

Exciting news for the alternative proteins industry this week as lab-grown meat gets the FDA approval for consumption in the U.S.! This is immense progress from even a decade ago when cultivated meat may have seemed like science fiction. UPSIDE foods will be able to bring its products to market once it has been inspected by the USDA, eliminating the negative impacts of traditional meat production on public health, the environment and animal welfare.

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Source: The Guardian

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