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27 October 2023
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Brazil to Require Mandatory Sustainability Reporting from 2026 

ESG Today | 25 October 2023 

An announcement from Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and Ministry of Finance has stated that public companies in Brazil will be required to provide annual sustainability and climate related disclosures starting in 2026. This move is set to be a part of Brazil’s Ecological Transformation Plan and aims to drive the transition to a green economy. The CVM announced that new reporting requirements will help global investors assess risks and opportunities and encourage informed sustainable decisions. 

Data Reveals UK Meat Consumption at Lowest Level 

The Guardian | 24 October 2023 

New data published by the UK Government has shown that people consumed less meat last year than at any point since 1974. It has been suggested that COVID-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis could have contributed significantly to this recent drop. More people have shifted to purchasing cheaper cuts of meat due to the rising meat prices. While the drop could be linked to current events, it is uncertain that this drop will be consistent in the future and researchers have implied the reduction in meat consumption was not moving quickly enough to be on track to meet the climate goals of a 35 a 35% reduction in meat per person.

New Zealand may experience defaults on 16% of Dairy Loans

Bloomberg | 20 October 2023 

A recent test by the New Zealand’s Reserve Bank (RBNZ) has reported that they may encounter defaults on 16% of their dairy loans. Defaults on lending to sheep and beef farms would be around 14% of that portfolio totalling around NZ$1.6 billion. The stress test considered a 1-year drought which was predicted to be the worst in 30 year and an even more severe 2-year drought. RBNZ are now starting to look into mitigating risks from climate change as projections suggest that droughts are set to become longer and more frequent. 

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Source: Bloomberg 

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