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1 April 2022

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Costco’s Chicken Farms Threatened By Bird Flu

Forbes | 1 April 2022

From late 2021, major outbreaks of avian flu have been putting a strain on the global poultry industry and it doesn’t seem to stop. This time, it is Costco-sponsored farms across the U.S. that are being affected by the highly contagious virus. The consequences are bleak: chickens have to be killed in vast numbers, seriously undermining animal welfare and causing economic pain for farmers. On top of that, avian flu can transfer to humans.

McDonald’s Linked to Amazon Deforestation in New Report

Bloomberg | 30 March 2022

New report links McDonald’s to deforestation and labour abuses in the Amazon rainforest. But the food giant is one of MANY companies in the industry that are yet to address ESG risks in their supply chains. Cattle ranching accounts for 80% of deforestation in the Amazon, which reached a 15-year high in 2021. Food companies require government support to address these supply chain risks. To raise ambition and meet targets, it is crucial that these companies measure and report progress.

UK Supermarkets Accused of ‘Bombarding’ Shoppers with Cheap Meat

The Guardian | 26 March 2022

Many food companies have pledged to promoting more meat-free diets and plant-based alternatives to improve health and tackle climate change. But what happens when stakeholders don’t see these claims being fulfilled? UK supermarkets stand accused of running money-saving meat offers contradicting their commitments. The government has outlined that the intake of meat should be reduced by 20%-50% to help the UK meet its target of reaching net zero by 2050.

Graphic of the Week

Mexico becomes top buyer of U.S. pork amid virus outbreaks in domestic hog herds. With the U.S. already facing the highest pork prices for the time of year, shipping to Mexico is expected to drive the prices even higher. 

Source: Bloomberg

More Food for Thought

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