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2 June 2023

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Cargill to Sell China Poultry Business as Meat Margins Fall

Bloomberg | 31 May 2023

Cargill, a Minnesota based food giant, is selling its poultry farming and processing business in China due to lower demand and high costs in the market. Animal feed costs are increasing due to high grain prices and consumer demand is weaker than expected as China recovers from Covid. Other meatpackers are also struggling with thinning margins whilst inflation is suppressing demand globally.

Brazilian Banks Urged to Crack Down on Meatpackers Tied to Deforestation

Reuters | 31 May 2023

A new scheme urges Brazilian banks to ask meat processors in the legal Amazon and Maranhao regions to implement a traceability system demonstratingthat their cattle purchases do not come from areas of illegal deforestation. A trade group representing global beef-packers including JBS and Marfrig expressed support for such initiatives but stated that environmental compliance should be demanded from all customers, including farmers.

River Wye Health Status Downgraded Due to Animal Farming Pollution

The Guardian | 30 May 2023

River Wye continues to suffer from farming pollution as wildlife charities accuse the government of failing to adequately address the issue. The status of the river was changed from “unfavourable-improving” to “unfavourable-declining”, meaning its condition is poor and getting worse. One of the reasons – intensive chicken farming on the catchment. Poultry manure enters the river from land, causing phosphorus pollution and killing aquatic species.

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