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19 August 2022

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Irish Farmers Concerned Over 25% Cut in Agriculture Emissions

The Guardian | 29 July 2022

Ireland commits to a 25% cut in GHG emissions from agriculture by 2030! But, similarly to the Netherlands, the Irish farmers are concerned over the future of the sector. Whilst it is essential to reduce emissions from agriculture, it is just as important to recognise that the impacts of climate change are going to affect people. A Just Transition approach will provide farmers, farmworkers, processors and marginalised communities with the support, safety nets and social protection required to make these shifts.

Millions of Factory Farm Chickens Die During Record Heatwave

The Independent | 3 August 2022

The livestock sector both contributes to and is affected by climate change. Suffering and death of animals in the food system is on the rise due to extreme climate events. Millions of farm chickens are reported to have died in the U.K. heatwave this summer. Farm animal welfare has become an increasingly important issue in recent years. But despite some improvements, many animal protein companies still perform poorly on Animal Welfare risk factor in the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index.

Morrisons Launches a Line of ‘Carbon Neutral Eggs’

Sky News | 2 August 2022

On a more positive note, Morrisons launches a line of “carbon neutral eggs”! Part of the company’s drive to be directly supplied by zero emission British farms, eggs will come from hens fed on insects reared on the company’s own food waste. Cutting out soya avoids the emissions associated with deforestation and other land to grow the crop in places such as Brazil, and the carbon emissions from transporting the feed. This is a great example of creating a more sustainable circular food chain.

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As the alternative proteins market grows, sensible and effective regulation will be crucial in ensuring that the sector delivers safe, healthy, and transparent food to consumers, despite the rapid pace of innovation.

Source: BCG

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